About Us

Have you ever met people you just clicked with? Just a true admiration and affinity for one another that was so natural you knew you had to do something with it.

Well, that is the story of a "Queendom State of Mind Podcast". Towanda knew she wanted to do a podcast, but she knew didn't want to do it by herself. She prayed and wrote down April and Brooke's names in her journal notebook and asked God if it was to be so, to show her. No more than 2 weeks later April was looking at a show and one of the characters had a podcast. This intrigued her and she immediately texted Towanda and asked "What does it take to do a podcast?" Needless to say Towanda was floored! She just prayed about it and knew that she would not move unless God said so. Well, when April mentioned it, she knew that was God giving her the OK.

Next, they had to get Brooke on board. They asked Brooke and she needed to pray about it also. They were set to hang out the next Sunday and as you can see what Brooke's answer was... YES!! That is how a "Queendom State of Mind Podcast" was birthed.

Towanda McEachern

Towanda's mission and focus is to teach women how to dig to the roots of what has been holding them back from living the life they want; and show them how to move forward with a system and a plan on how to transform their life and business. She is the owner of the "Empowerment Studio" located in Newark, NJ. She calls it a safe space for women to GROW.

Towanda coaches and facilitates workshops, retreats, and conferences on the Transformation Journey. Her life’s mission is to Teach, Enlighten, and Empower individuals through the power of transformation, restoration, healing, and forgiveness. She is the author of the “21 Day Transformation Journey” Lessons for your soul.


April Moore

April Moore is known to her close friends & family as the Fashionista. She is a licensed Real Estate/ Property Manager by trade for close to 30 years. However, her true passion has always been in Fashion.

April's love for Designer clothing and fashion grew while she was a former Sales Associate in the high-end Couture department of the World-Renowned "Neiman Marcus" in New York City. New York is also where she was born and raised.

Her second love is traveling in and out of the country to explore different cultures.

Socializing with her Girls on a regular and restaurant hopping is her favorite pastimes.

April is definitely "Booked & Busy".


Brooke Jones

"If Brooke's around you'll probably know because this Social Butterfly loves a good time. Her favorite saying is " Collect Moments-- Not Things!"

Her desire to see the value in serving, fellowship, and appreciating the small things is evident. Brooke is very passionate about gathering people, encouraging others, and doing what God has called her to do.

Brooke is the CEO of Light Tower Resume Writing & Career Coaching. She has a heart to serve the community, encourage women, and love on her family. Above all else, she is always giving God glory for overcoming trials and beating the odds.