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What to Expect from Season 2

Heyyyy Listeners,

We're back!!! In this episode, the three Queens discuss and recap Season 1. If you missed those episodes, you missed a lot!!! (Go back and listen)

But Season 2 promises to be everything you’re looking for as we discuss the requested topics. We are now introducing the YouTube aspect of the Queendom State of Mind. (Coming soon)Hear us, See us, and interact with the Empowerment Experience of QSM.

Season 2 will be more In-depth (behind the scenes), an more transparent and we will invite guests to our Queendom.

We can’t wait for you to see how much we have Grown!!!

Is There Life after Infidelity?

The Queens of QSM seriously discuss the meaning of Infidelity and what it means to be unfaithful in your relationships.

The dynamics of the acts of infidelity and if and how you can mend your relationship after what many consider “The Ultimate Betrayal”.

We also explore and touch on the psychological effects it has on a marriage and family members (indirectly).

This subject is often not discussed openly due to the stigma of being judged by others close to us. Join us for this intimate, intriguing, and open discussion on Infidelity.

Post -Pandemic Worship and Finding Connection with God from Home

Join The Queens as they reflect on the evolution of Church and Worship during the pandemic, and how people managed to find solace in praising God from the comfort of their homes.

They also explore the changes brought about by the shift to virtual services and how it has affected the way people worship. In this episode, they examine the current state of Church services and discuss the importance of nurturing individual relationships with God.

The Struggle is Real-Breaking the Cycle of the Weight loss Journey

The Queens delve into the topic of women's preoccupation with weight loss and body image. We examine the challenges women face in achieving their weight loss goals and the obstacles posed by various health factors.

Join us as we explore this complex issue and shed light on the emotional and physical journey of women's weight loss.

Respect My Space-Enforcing Healthy Boundaries

Join The Queens in a frank and honest conversation about the importance of establishing healthy boundaries with family, friends, and co-workers.

They dive into the challenges of effectively communicating personal boundaries and preventing others from crossing them. In this episode, they provide insights into the art of boundary-setting and its role in promoting happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Silencing the Inner Critic-She has to Go!

Join The Queens in this episode of QSM as they explore the topic of self-criticism and negative self-evaluation.

They examine the reasons behind our tendency to beat ourselves up and explore the negative thoughts that can take a toll on our overall spirit.

In this episode, they provide insights on how to overcome self-judgment and promote self-compassion.

Love and Marriage- From “I Do” to “Let’s do this”

In this episode, the Queens explore how sustaining a marriage requires effort and commitment from both partners. We had a special guest, Kim Davis- Phillips who has been married for over 20+ years. Listen in on the conversation as we discuss the importance of supporting your spouse, communication, and how compromise plays a big part in the longevity of a marriage.

Sisterhood- How to be a Friend

We all have friends, but do we truly know how to be good friends? What qualities make a great friend, and how can we cultivate those qualities in ourselves? Our guest Cynthia Jeter- Clements joins the Queens as we share both positive and negative experiences in friendships and insights on what we’ve learned about being a friend.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the challenges that can arise in friendships, such as jealousy, competition, and conflicts, and how to navigate them in a healthy way. This episode is not only informative but also inspiring, as we celebrate the beauty and importance of sisterhood. 

Divorcing Toxic Friends

In this episode, the Queens and their special guest Cynthia Jeter- Clements discuss the difficult but necessary process of ending toxic friendships. We discuss the signs to look out for and the impact they can have on our lives, and the steps we can take to let go of these harmful relationships.

Healing Generational Wounds: Breaking Free from the Chains of Trauma

Join the Queens for an insightful podcast episode delving into the topic of generational trauma and its healing process. Our esteemed guest, Stephanie Clegg a Mental Health Counselor sheds light on the profound impact of generational trauma and offers invaluable insights on how we can break free from its chains.

We explore the impact of hidden signs and share empowering strategies for healing and trusting the process. Tune in now to this transformative conversation.

Is there a such thing as Balance?

Balancing home, work, and family life is a challenge for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and what works for one person may not work for another. 

Join in on the conversation as the Queens discuss how they navigate and understand balance in their life and some key takeaways that can help you.

Season Finale- The Power of Legacy & Impact

Join the Queens in Season 2 Finale as we dive deep into a thought-provoking conversation about leaving a  legacy and the profound impact we can have on others' lives. We tackle a topic that is often overlooked and created a space for open dialogue with our live studio audience as they shared their personal thoughts and perspectives.