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What to Expect from Season 3

Queendom State of Mind Podcast We are BACK!!!! 

For the newbies, welcome! Meet Towanda, April, and Brooke!! To our loyal listeners, we missed you!! Find out why the Queens have been gone for so long and just how their "Sisterhood" was put to the Test!!! Tune in for the "Real Tea" and listen to who said What!!! and Why the Queens hit a Major Bump in the Road after Season II. This extremely Candid Conversation from the Ladies of QSM will definitely surprise you!!! 

We missed you and we are excited as to what this season will bring! Catch us on YouTube too!! 

Is Social Media our New Best Friend?(S3-Ep2)

In this episode, the Queens talk about the obsession with Social Media and the fascination of staying in tune with complete strangers lives.


Have we lost the sense of Real One-on-one conversations with our Family, Friends, and Associates?


That question and others are discussed.

Building Equity vs. Paying Rent- A Queen and Her Castle (S3-Ep3)

We invite our first guest of the season, Cynthia Lubin. We discuss renting vs. buying. This is a very informative and colorful conversation. We discuss homeownership and the power of leveraging home equity and using it to build wealth and financial freedom

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Stop Settling(S3-Ep4)

In this episode, we discuss unlocking divine direction and not settling for less than you deserve.
We also discuss ways to protect your peace and Space even if that means setting boundaries with family. We all know that's not an easy thing to do. Come join our conversation!

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Therapy & God(S3-Ep5)

QSM welcomes back Stephanie Clegg from Season 2 to discuss the topic of Therapy & God.  As a Licensed Counselor, she will break these two things down, as we explore the correlation between the two.

Why is there such a Stigma in the Black Community when the word Therapy is discussed? 

Does Therapy and God go hand in hand?

 Listen to this episode for all the Answers.


Stephanie Clegg's book: Nobody Wants to Struggle, Nobody Wants to Suffer But its Necessary


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Living the Life I Dance About(S3-Ep6)

The Queens welcome their guest Ms. Yvonne Williams Coston the owner of "Living the Life I Dance About Creations". This Retiree/Business Owner will discuss how she is literary living her best life. Honing her crafts through her spiritual connection with God, her active role in Dance Ministry, traveling, and much more.

Listeners this episode is a must-listen for all New Entrepreneurs and soon-to-be Retirees. You will learn that Retirement doesn't have to necessarily mean the end of the road.

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Season of Rest Are you Doing the Most(S3-Ep7)

Get ready to tune in to the latest episode of the Queendom State of Mind podcast, "Are You Doing the Most? A Season of Quiet Time." In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget the power of pause. This episode invites you to explore the potential of stepping back and embracing stillness. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or looking to reset your focus, join us as we discuss how quiet time can not only restore your energy but also enhance your clarity and purpose. Let's discover together how doing less can actually mean achieving more.

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Teachers POV-Our Children's Real Leaders(S3-Ep8)

Join the Queens as they highlight the real-life of teachers who go the extra mile for their students and the impact it makes. Our special guest, Nicole Valmont is definitely one of those teachers.

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Black Women and our Identities(S3-Ep 9)

Join the Queens in this powerful episode as we discuss the complex identities of Black women. We will explore how we perceive ourselves, how society views us, and the cultural dynamics that shape our experiences.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation that celebrates our strength, resilience, and unique perspectives.

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A Healthier Version of YOU(S3-Ep 10)

In this episode, the Queens explore the journey towards becoming a healthier version of ourselves. We discuss practical tips for self-care, nutrition, fitness, mental well-being, and sustainable lifestyle changes. Join us as we speak with Brenda Green, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as she shares with us how to prioritize health in our busy lives, and the small but impactful changes we can make.

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